Definition of hooded in English:



  • 1(of a garment) having a hood.

    ‘a hooded cloak’
    • ‘It was hard to tell what he looked like since he had a hooded coat, the hood covering his face.’
    • ‘He was wearing a black hooded jacket and dark trousers.’
    • ‘They would go out in the full moon, and they would dance around a fire in hooded garments and that kind of thing.’
    • ‘He was wearing a blue hooded sweater, black coat, dark jeans and black trainers.’
    • ‘He was wearing a black hooded coat with a logo on the chest and the hood pulled up around his head.’
    • ‘He was wearing a tan and black hooded jacket, blue jeans and had a scarf around his face.’
    • ‘The thief is described as white and aged around 20, 5ft 6ins tall, and was wearing a dark hooded jacket.’
    • ‘She was wearing a blue hooded jacket and blue jeans.’
    • ‘He was in his shop on Monday afternoon when the thief, wearing a hooded jacket, leapt over the counter demanding cash.’
    • ‘He wore a black hooded jacket and a blue and white baseball cap.’
    • ‘He was clean shaven with a dimple on his chin and was wearing a long, black, hooded coat.’
    • ‘The suspect is described as a white male aged about 25, with a slight moustache, wearing a hooded jumper and a baseball cap.’
    • ‘At the kitchen door, she pulled on a long hooded coat and tucked her trousers into fleece-lined boots.’
    • ‘I then managed to get myself dried and dressed into jeans and a hooded sweater.’
    • ‘I grabbed my hooded sweater and ran out the door.’
    • ‘I turned and saw a blonde guy with really tight pants and a hooded sweater.’
    • ‘He turned around abruptly to see an old man in a long gray hooded cloak walking slowly toward him.’
    • ‘Underneath his blue cloak Holly saw that he was wearing jeans and a hooded jumper.’
    • ‘Then, I put on my jeans, a tight red hooded sweater and my denim jacket.’
    • ‘He was 5ft 6ins tall and wore a navy blue hooded top and black trainers.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) wearing a hood.
      ‘a hooded figure’
      • ‘His attention is then diverted by the sight of a hooded figure coming towards the shop.’
      • ‘After around 40 minutes, we heard the sound of breaking glass from the house and saw a hooded figure emerge with what looked like a computer box in a bag.’
      • ‘But in the darkness of the park we make out a dozen hooded figures skulking in a children's play area.’
      • ‘As they got nearer, one of the doors swung open and a bent, hooded figure swathed in rags came shuffling out.’
      • ‘When he stepped inside the house, he was attacked by at least two, and possibly three, hooded men.’
      • ‘He was able to distinguish a hooded figure in the fog.’
      • ‘Women are being warned not to walk alone in any part of the town after dark as a hunt continues for a masked and hooded man who has been exposing himself to females.’
      • ‘The second part of the video, which was aired without sound, showed a hooded man demanding that British troops be withdrawn from Iraq.’
      • ‘A dark hooded figure loomed over her, a dagger raised to strike.’
      • ‘A hooded figure appeared before him and laughed coldly.’
      • ‘Three hooded figures stood in front of them blocking the road.’
      • ‘They looked on as the crowd of hooded figures began to chant.’
      • ‘The hooded figures looked at each other and looked back at us.’
      • ‘I walked towards the hooded figure who had been crossing himself and stood in front of him, palms facing out to indicate that I offered no threat.’
      • ‘He turned and saw two of the hooded figures collapse soundlessly.’
      • ‘Though the competitors are indoors they are all hooded, a common self defense mechanism among teenagers today.’
      • ‘He had his sword in his hand, though he was unsure why until a hooded figure stepped out of the shadows and laughed menacingly at him.’
      • ‘The hooded figure spoke, his voice deep and emotionless as cold stone.’
      • ‘I turned a blind corner, and nearly had a heart attack as a bolt of lightning lit up a hooded figure standing not two feet away from me.’
      • ‘Two of the raiders were hooded and carried replica guns.’
    2. 1.2(of eyes) having thick, drooping upper eyelids resembling hoods.
      ‘a dark man with hooded eyes’
      • ‘Shrunken and enclosed, he looks up at the camera with a scowl; his eyes are hooded, his cheeks hollow.’
      • ‘Her blood-red lips and hooded eyes, her large hands firmly grasping the wheel, all convey a woman in control of her destiny.’
      • ‘He had these amazing long brows, as dark as his hooded eyes, and a small, perfectly groomed moustache perched on top of his upper lip.’
      • ‘His hooded eyes gleamed with the malignant satisfaction of a correct deduction.’
      • ‘She let out a sigh and watched Alex with hooded eyes.’
      • ‘He was standing beside her now, watching her with deep, hooded eyes.’
      • ‘She yawned dramatically and cast me a coy look through hooded eyes.’
      • ‘The man's hooded eyes stared back, unblinking, into his own squinting, gaze.’
      • ‘Leslie's expression was unreadable, but he kept those hooded eyes on her back until he noticed Willoway's amused glance.’
      • ‘She glanced over at Stephen with hooded eyes, sighing heavily.’
      • ‘He's glorious, Samantha thinks, staring at him through hooded eyes.’
      • ‘Carrie raised her head and looked at Grant through hooded eyes.’
      • ‘For a moment something akin to panic flared in Adam's hooded eyes.’
      • ‘Simone's teenage son, Tommy sat as far away from the dance floor as he could get as he watched them with hooded eyes.’
      • ‘Ever since Christmas, David would often catch Chris staring at him with hooded eyes.’
      • ‘He grabbed the remote and surfed through a few of the channels with hooded eyes.’
      • ‘The commander was a thickset man with hooded eyelids and a greasy charm.’
      • ‘He was a blonde guy with hooded green eyes and a fierce tan.’
      • ‘The expression in his hooded blue eyes is somehow both resentful and embarrassed.’
      • ‘From the past pictures of him, I can see that he's lost weight and his eyes are hooded and drawn.’