Definition of hooded crow in English:

hooded crow


  • A bird of the North and East European race of the carrion crow, having a grey body with a black head, wings, and tail.

    Corvus corone cornix, family Corvidae

    • ‘In much of Ireland and Scotland, our carrion crow is replaced by the grey-and-black hooded crow; in the border zones, the two species interbreed.’
    • ‘In Europe, hooded crows have been known to prey upon mussels.’
    • ‘Flying north through the lush green agricultural lands bordering the Tigris I watched hundred of egrets along with small flocks of rooks and hooded crows.’
    • ‘This is the hooded crow, which is only a carrion crow, at least as far as bird scientists are concerned.’
    • ‘Walking down to the pond we saw some white-cheeked bulbuls as well as a couple of hooded crows.’
    • ‘Wild cats, stray dogs, pigeons, rats, and hooded crows were killed by the thousands to improve hygiene in the city.’
    • ‘Peregrine Falcons inhabit these remote glacial valleys and can often be heard calling at nesting time and, less often, seen aggressively defending their territory against marauding hooded crows by high-speed aerobatics.’
    • ‘I just watched a showdown on the lawn here between a brown buzzard and a large black-and-gray hooded crow.’