Definition of hoody in English:


(also hoodie)


  • 1A hooded sweatshirt, jacket, or other top.

    ‘sporty track pants and lurex-striped hoodies’
    • ‘I slipped into bed in my gray cotton pants and a navy hoody.’
    • ‘I applied new eyeliner, and changed into a pair of comfy pants and a hoody.’
    • ‘One of the robbers was white, 5ft 11 in tall, aged mid to late 20s and was wearing light blue jeans and a grey hoody with trainers.’
    • ‘Aaron was wearing ripped jeans and a grey hoody.’
    • ‘Frantically, he felt through his jean pockets and then the pockets of his hoody in search of stray pieces of paper.’
    • ‘She then pulled her favorite hoody over her shirt.’
    • ‘I just had to take my hoody off and put it in my bag.’
    • ‘On her top half she was wearing a hoody much like my own.’
    • ‘She had on a pair of slightly baggy jeans and a black hoody.’
    • ‘As he was pulling the hoody over his head the shirt rode up a little and I noticed that the last few buttons on the bottom of his shirt were undone.’
    • ‘He stood up and pulled off his hoody and t-shirt before I could stop him.’
    • ‘She removed her hoody slowly and let it fall to her carpeted floor.’
    • ‘As he was strolling through, he felt a tug on the back of his hoody.’
    • ‘She grabbed a hoody off the top of her laundry basket and walked downstairs.’
    • ‘I stuffed my foot into my shoe, pulled on my hoody, and turned around to brush my hair in front of the mirror.’
    1. 1.1informal A person, especially a youth, wearing a hooded top.
      • ‘In almost total darkness, a hoodie was lurking.’
      • ‘Take his commitment to end child poverty or his beloved hoodies.’
      • ‘Yards from where he died I encounter two hoodies (neither were involved in the incident).’
      • ‘At least with his old look hoodies would have been too frightened to have thumped him.’
      • ‘Two hoodies climbed over the wall into Thomond Park, possibly with spades yesterday, in broad daylight between 5 & 6pm.’
      • ‘There are wonderfully inventive new phrases turned every day by writers, comedians, rap artists and hoodies.’
      • ‘If he were a young man, he would be a hoodie.’
      • ‘The streets of London are full of the hoodies with knives.’
      • ‘The heartbroken mum of a teenage boy gunned down by hoodies wept last night as she paid tribute to her "quiet" son.’
      • ‘Strolling through the subway home, even the little hoodies hanging around don't seem as obnoxious in this weather.’