Definition of hoof-and-mouth disease in English:

hoof-and-mouth disease

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mainly North American
  • A contagious viral disease of cattle and sheep, causing ulceration of the hoofs and around the mouth; foot-and-mouth disease.

    ‘hoof-and-mouth disease is not necessarily fatal to cattle’
    • ‘The livestock population in Great Britain has been truly devastated by the extreme herd culling in response to hoof-and-mouth disease.’
    • ‘They will have a fairly good immunization against the same variety of hoof-and-mouth disease, thereafter.’
    • ‘The World Animal Health Organization on Thursday urged them to disclose their information on hoof-and-mouth disease.’
    • ‘Known as hoof-and-mouth disease, it mainly affects cows, sheep, and pigs.’
    • ‘The crisis is the use of hoof-and-mouth disease as a pretext for a policy of destroying the food supply of populations, and destroying agriculture.’
    • ‘A suspected outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease in Japanese cattle could have a damaging impact on Australia's lucrative beef export industry.’
    • ‘"The US does not want your hoof-and-mouth disease," I was politely told.’
    • ‘Even hoof-and-mouth disease is due largely to globalization.’
    • ‘The last time an outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease occurred there was in 1908.’
    • ‘Hoof-and-mouth disease causes blisters on the hooves and in the mouths of cattle, leading to loss of appetite and death.’