Definition of Hoosier in English:


Pronunciation /ˈho͞oZHər/ /ˈhuʒər/


North American
  • A native or inhabitant of Indiana.

    • ‘Bird, a native Hoosier from French Lick, Ind., had a basketball career that placed him in the Hall of Fame in October of 1998.’
    • ‘He is a native Hoosier firmly settled in Indy's suburbs.’
    • ‘Born William Bailey on February 6, 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana, our Hoosier hero Axl Rose turns 42 today.’
    • ‘The state's project in this case is called Energize Indiana, its aim, to help unemployed Hoosiers find work.’
    • ‘A Hoosier informs me it is properly Indiana University, not University of Indiana.’
    • ‘On Saturday, the Hoosiers play Xavier in Indianapolis.’
    • ‘Within southern Indiana, the Hoosier National Forest was created in 1951.’
    • ‘Daniels argued that all the missed conference calls and late deliveries - due to outsiders confused by Indiana's unique time warp - were costing Hoosiers money.’
    • ‘They're all Hoosiers like myself, raised in Indiana.’
    • ‘Gay and lesbian Hoosiers made historic progress in the 2003 in the Indiana general assembly, where I work.’
    • ‘No offense meant to any Hoosiers or racing fans (both of whom I like), but shouldn't our money be a little more dignified?’
    • ‘The post above has been revised to correct the error, and I apologize to any offended Hoosiers or Californians.’
    • ‘We assume he will have fun telling that to the 160,000 unemployed Hoosiers.’
    • ‘She lopped a year off his age to make him seem even more prodigious to credulous Hoosiers.’
    • ‘Grandma is much like Ethan Edwards in her attitudes, denigrating everyone who isn't a Jayhawker, including Hoosiers, Missourians, and Indians.’
    • ‘He may not work here in Indiana anymore, but he'll always be a Hoosier hero.’
    • ‘The Hoosiers got off to a 4-1 start in the Big Ten.’
    • ‘Many in the media have been stirring for a change since December, but the Hoosiers finished fourth in the BigTen with a 10-6 record.’
    • ‘In 2004, 60 percent of Hoosiers surveyed supported extending at least some rights to same-sex couples.’
    • ‘And don't forget that the Hoosiers have the John Mellencamp Pavilion, an excellent indoor athletic facility.’


Early 19th century of unknown origin.



/ˈho͞oZHər/ /ˈhuʒər/