Definition of horned toad in English:

horned toad


  • 1

    another term for horned lizard

    ‘Head on down to the Reptile Depot for desert iguanas from Nevada or horned toads from Texas.’
    • ‘She ate the horned toad spitting blood into her eyes, the gila monster leaking venom through her veins, and the prickly pear shooting spears through her tongue.’
    • ‘The invading ants typically wipe out many species of native insects and can cause food shortages for insect eaters, such as horned toads, and create crises for ant-dispersed plants.’
    • ‘One sketch was of a remote that looked like a horned toad.’
    • ‘When Pete is turned into a horned toad by the Sirens, well, that's plain weird.’
  • 2A large toad with horn-shaped projections of skin over the eyes.

    a Southeast Asian toad (Megophrys and other genera, family Peltobatidae)
    a South American toad (Ceratophrys and other genera, family Leptodactylidae)


horned toad

/hôrnd tōd/ /hɔrnd toʊd/