Definition of hornero in English:


nounplural noun horneros

  • A tropical American bird of the ovenbird family, often building its domed mud nest on the top of a fence post.

    Also called ovenbird

    Genus Furnarius, family Furnariidae: several species, in particular the rufous hornero (F. rufus)

    ‘The chalk-browed mockingbird, rufous-bellied thrush and brown-and-yellow marshbird reject pure white cowbird eggs, while the rufous hornero rejects eggs according to size.’
    • ‘What is interesting is that the rufous hornero laboriously build a new nest every year, abandoning their nests to be used by other animals.’
    • ‘Also seen along the way into town were red-legged seriema, crested tyrant, rufous horneros, white-rumped swallows and blue and white swallows.’
    • ‘Here you can see hummingbirds, parrots, horneros, sparrow hawks and cock of the rocks, to name but a few.’
    • ‘Based on abundance alone, some possible candidates for avian reservoirs in Córdoba would include chickens, eared doves, Picui ground doves, house sparrows, rufous horneros, great kiskadee, and others.’



/ˌhôrˈnerō/ /ˌhɔrˈnɛroʊ/


Late 19th century from Spanish, literally ‘baker’ (from the resemblance of the bird's nest to the shape of a traditional oven).