Definition of horntail in English:



  • A large sawfly resembling a wasp that deposits its eggs inside trees and timber. It has a long egg-laying tube but no sting.

    Also called woodwasp

    Family Siricidae, suborder Symphyta, order Hymenoptera: several species

    ‘There, the infant ichneumon secretes a paralyzing agent while it proceeds to eat the living horntail from the inside out.’
    • ‘It could have been a horntail, which is actually a sawfly.’
    • ‘In the home no control is necessary, as the horntails will not reinfest dried or seasoned wood or lumber.’
    • ‘There are plenty of images of horntails on the Internet, but very few, if any, of the solid blue-black types.’
    • ‘Two or more years are required for the horntails to complete their development.’



/ˈhôrntāl/ /ˈhɔrnteɪl/