Definition of horse-drawn in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhôrs ˌdrôn/ /ˈhɔrs ˌdrɔn/


  • (of a vehicle) pulled by a horse or horses.

    ‘a horse-drawn carriage’
    • ‘Newly opened in the town this year is the Carriage House, which boasts an extensive collection of horse-drawn vehicles.’
    • ‘It was a wonderful sight to see because many of the guests arrived in horse-drawn coaches and carriages.’
    • ‘The paper also seeks to close the argument that historic use of such routes by horse-drawn vehicles gives rise to a current and future right of use by motor vehicles.’
    • ‘Sue fears carriage drivers in Wales are in grave danger of losing the right to use existing rights of way for horse-drawn vehicles.’
    • ‘Amid this landscape we can see the figures of soldiers and silhouettes of horse-drawn vehicles.’
    • ‘We found out about the hospitals over there and the fact that the vehicle we're going to replace is a horse-drawn cart.’
    • ‘His horse-drawn vehicles carried Father Christmas and Gala Queens in such places as Todmorden, Cowling and Lothersdale.’
    • ‘Only horse-drawn vehicles were available for transport.’
    • ‘Back in 1892 you could get your groceries delivered, in a horse-drawn vehicle.’
    • ‘This year's parade is expected to be the largest parade of horse-drawn vehicles in the South.’
    • ‘In all, the accounts indicate that seven horse-drawn vehicles were used in the journey.’
    • ‘The bureau was now responsible for the inspection of motorized vehicles, as well as horse-drawn wagons.’
    • ‘The council has opened the riverside cycle path to taxis, and if you want to arrive by helicopter, coach or even horse-drawn carriage, no problem.’
    • ‘And he said his grandfather, who used to run a horse-drawn carriage service in the city, would be amazed at how far the industry had changed.’
    • ‘His commissions ranged from old-style Royal Mail post trolleys to baskets for horse-drawn carts and props for magicians and ice shows.’
    • ‘Before the lying in state began, the coffin was carried through the streets on a horse-drawn carriage as thousand of onlookers lined the pavements.’
    • ‘We meandered along winding paths, passed an enchanting puppet show and played at being proper tourists by taking a ride on a horse-drawn carriage.’
    • ‘Before midnight, they made their way by horse-drawn carriage up the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile from a reception in the City Chambers.’
    • ‘The Queen arrived with the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of York in the first horse-drawn carriage of the traditional Royal procession.’
    • ‘It shows us the Gorbals, when children still played hop-scotch in the streets and horse-drawn carts collected scrap metal.’



/ˈhôrs ˌdrôn/ /ˈhɔrs ˌdrɔn/