Definition of horse mackerel in English:

horse mackerel


  • A shoaling edible fish of the eastern Atlantic, which is commercially fished in southern African waters.

    Also called scad

    Trachurus trachurus, family Carangidae

    ‘The report said NamSea had increased catches of industrial fish like horse mackerel and anchovies and that NamSea will not pay a dividend to shareholders this year.’
    • ‘The Baltic fishing boats targeted cod, herring, sprat, flounder and salmon, while the high seas fleet went after redfish, mackerel, horse mackerel, sardinella, shrimp and blue whiting and in total landed 140,000 tonnes.’
    • ‘This EU ruling has resulted in any landings of herring (excluding Celtic Sea Herring) mackerel and horse mackerel exceeding 10 tonnes being weighed.’
    • ‘Some vessels will change over to whitefish but with horse mackerel and herring fisheries closed many boats have no alternative but to lie idle at quaysides.’
    • ‘As the main port in Ireland for landings of herring, mackerel and horse mackerel it is essential that Killybegs has a 24 hour service.’


horse mackerel

/ˈhôrs ˌmak(ə)rəl/ /ˈhɔrs ˌmæk(ə)rəl/