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horse sense

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  • Common sense.

    • ‘A vast majority of the people who write in for advice lack the common sense God gave most people, it's amusing, but it's also good that there's someone with a lot of horse sense available for the wisdom-challenged.’
    • ‘In ‘Poetry and Religion,’ Jarman argues that ‘Dickinson offers, with true American horse sense, the preferability of a deceptive hope, a fool's errand, to none at all, for it is that which gives illumination.’’
    • ‘The decision to vote for him seemed wrapped up in the age-old city vs. rural dichotomy, change vs. tradition, theory vs. horse sense, new vs. familiar.’
    • ‘Frisky, energetic Archers are born to run, so this year's fast moving track could see you on a winning streak - but only if you use that Sagittarian horse sense to pace life at a steady gallop rather than a rash stampede.’
    • ‘I was reassured by evidence of outgoing Commissioner Pat Byrne and Minister for Justice Michael McDowell showing evidence of horse sense in tackling this issue.’
    • ‘It occurs to me that there's a third option - voters could get some horse sense and kick the idiots who proposed this out of office.’
    • ‘If only the Fox News crowd had the same amount of horse sense.’
    • ‘Although the show enjoys a still-vibrant fan following that makes it easy for a studio to release season-by-season DVD boxed sets, MGM Home Entertainment shows little horse sense by releasing this second ‘best of’ collection.’
    • ‘Who needs book learning when you've got horse sense?’
    • ‘This horse sense immediately evaporated into thin air.’
    • ‘He talked more horse sense than any ten teachers I've ever run into.’
    • ‘Horses are extremely sensitive to our moods - they don't call it horse sense for nothing!’
    • ‘It's almost amusing when you consider that no one with any horse sense brings a handgun to a gunfight.’
    • ‘Number one, he has the horse sense to stick to telling simple stories, and number two, he has a riotous and seemingly inexhaustible imagination with which he fulfills the grandiose promises of his projects.’
    • ‘One of these years, the Groundhog Day spell which dooms the Red Sox to find new ways to implode will be lifted (here's a hint: it will involve a manager with the horse sense to back six innings of Pedro with three of Keith Foulke).’
    • ‘I'll bet even Lott would have had the horse sense not to do something as stupid as post an unpredictable online poll at his website.’
    common sense, good sense, sense, sensibleness, native wit, native intelligence, mother wit, wit, judgement, sound judgement, level-headedness, prudence, discernment, acumen, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, judiciousness, wisdom, insight, intuition, intuitiveness, perceptiveness, perspicacity, vision, understanding, intelligence
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horse sense

/ˈhôrs ˌsens/ /ˈhɔrs ˌsɛns/