Definition of hoser in English:



informal Canadian
  • A foolish or uncultivated person.

    • ‘Thomson, in addition to sounding, as he always does, like a hoser, incomprehensibly also makes the not-quite 50-year-old Gould seem like a foot-dragging duffer.’
    • ‘Okay, hosers, you'll have to see the movie, eh?’
    • ‘I snorted, crossing my arms. ‘I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth, hosers.’’
    • ‘But we poor hosers could be in the back - Leo, Alan, Mike and myself - and we can talk about the problems of the north.’
    • ‘That is the cost of the real estate, the cost of the table, and the cost to a shop's ambience when a bunch of hosers come in and spend all day staring at laptops.’
    • ‘Submit entries via the Fray, and remember to include your e-mail in the unlikely event you are honored by our panels of hosers.’
    • ‘I also liked the fact that these hosers were able to get imposing character actor Max Von Sydow in their movie.’
    • ‘You couldn't find a bigger bunch of hosers on the road than us.’
    • ‘So, here are the vehicles our hero would use to fight the evil hosers.’
    • ‘‘I was a classic hoser,’ Travis says with a laugh, ‘Shoot fast and hope to hit something.’’
    • ‘Every hoser and his brother knows tonight is the championship game of the World Cup of Hockey.’
    • ‘‘Don't be a hoser, Emily,’ she was saying to Emily Sargent, who was laying out her ironed Lacoste polos one by one in neat piles.’
    • ‘Dear Edward, you're a total hoser, and not in a good way.’
    • ‘Its really stupid, and he sounds like a total hoser who doesn't know anything.’
    • ‘There were tarted-up girls, families, aging hosers - you name it, this show had it.’
    • ‘If the new generation of hosers agree, Sudbury could become the next hot spot in the Great White North.’
    • ‘Couldn't the numbskull hoser get that I wanted nothing to do with him, in any way, shape or form?’
    • ‘As for Ibiza, Dowse is clearly a hoser who is more at home in a hockey arena than at Manumission.’
    • ‘Then, years later, after everyone has committed to this free standard, some hoser comes up with a patent claim and decides to shake everyone down.’
    • ‘In Toronto one friend, no hoser, mind you, joined tens of thousands cheering and hugging on Queen Street.’



/ˈhōzər/ /ˈhoʊzər/


1980s of uncertain origin; popularized by characters on the Canadian television show SCTV (1980–82).