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  • 1An institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people.

    ‘My doctor has referred me to the eye clinic at the local hospital for surgical treatment.’
    • ‘The medical wards of hospitals admit the oldest and sickest people in our community.’
    • ‘Neath is a smaller hospital with a busy medical intake but no acute surgical services.’
    • ‘The injured were still undergoing intensive care at two hospitals in the city.’
    • ‘For adult critical care, star ratings do not reflect the quality of clinical care provided by hospitals.’
    • ‘However, trying to get this information from primary care trusts or hospitals is very difficult.’
    • ‘Evidence also exists that the quality of such care in hospitals and general practices is inadequate.’
    • ‘It gets harder to manage your medication, so people end up in managed care and hospitals.’
    • ‘They thus become nursing homes rather than hospitals, so that many patients cannot be safely discharged to them.’
    • ‘The situation in relation to MRSA in nursing homes and hospitals is still under control, however.’
    • ‘There are four hospitals and five medical clinics in Kuta and the nearby Balinese capital of Denpasar.’
    • ‘Four hospitals provide emergency care in the cities of Manchester and Salford.’
    • ‘Comparatively little is known about the prevalence of medical error outside hospitals.’
    • ‘Seven other people were injured and admitted to nearby hospitals for treatment.’
    • ‘She had been given three weeks of antiretroviral treatment by the hospital in Bergen.’
    • ‘The emphasis of government health care policy is to move care away from hospitals into the community.’
    • ‘The data is converted to rates that measure how well the hospitals care for their patients.’
    • ‘After a long period of treatment in three hospitals he convalesced in Richmond Park.’
    • ‘Not all hospitals and healthcare facilities offer palliative care services.’
    • ‘The money raised has been used to fund care teams based at all major cancer treatment hospitals in the UK.’
    medical institution, medical centre, health centre, clinic, infirmary, sanatorium, nursing home, convalescent home, hospice
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  • 2 historical A hospice, especially one run by the Knights Hospitaller.

  • 3British in names A charitable institution for the education of the young.

    • ‘Christ's Hospital’



/ˈhäˌspid(ə)l/ /ˈhɑˌspɪd(ə)l/


Middle English (in hospital (sense 2)): via Old French from medieval Latin hospitale, neuter of Latin hospitalis ‘hospitable’, from hospes, hospit- (see host).