Definition of hosta in English:



  • An eastern Asian plant cultivated in the West for its shade-tolerant foliage and loose clusters of tubular mauve or white flowers.

    Also called plantain lily

    Genus Hosta (formerly Funkia), family Liliaceae

    ‘Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of perennials, including campanulas, daylilies, hostas, peonies, sedums, and Shasta daisies.’
    • ‘Covering the hillside around the patio is a tapestry of astilbes, azaleas, campanulas, ferns, hellebores, hostas, Japanese maples, moss, and rhododendrons.’
    • ‘Last year I underestimated the growth of my hostas and planted dahlias somewhere in their vicinity.’
    • ‘In cottage gardens, old standbys such as asters, daylilies, delphiniums, and hostas mix with newer perennials such as coreopsis and ornamental grasses such as fountain grass and blood grass.’
    • ‘It is ideal for growing in a mixed planting of hostas, siberian iris, and other good foliage plants.’



/ˈhōstə/ /ˈhoʊstə/ /ˈhästə/ /ˈhɑstə/


Modern Latin, named after Nicolaus T. Host (1761–1834), Austrian physician.