Definition of hostile witness in English:

hostile witness

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  • A witness who is antagonistic to the party calling them and, being unwilling to tell the truth, may have to be cross-examined by the party.

    ‘In my amended written submission before the honourable court I pointed out 52 instances where the primary judge accepted the lies of hostile witnesses as truth and totally disregarded any evidence which was in my favour.’
    • ‘The only evidence inculpating him in the offence was that of a 17-year-old person who was declared a hostile witness at trial in order to extract the evidence inculpating him.’
    • ‘It was not clear, however, whether a previous inconsistent statement could be proved against a hostile witness, by calling other witnesses, in the event he denied making it.’
    • ‘He would then step down as counsel and become the hostile witness for the defence.’


hostile witness

/ˈhästl/ /ˈhɑstl/ /ˈhäˌstīl ˈwitnis/ /ˈhɑˌstaɪl ˈwɪtnɪs/