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  • Lustful; passionate.

    ‘hot-blooded, pulse-pounding passion’
    • ‘She did not know whether the baby's father was her vicar husband Ashley or hot-blooded Latin lover Carlos.’
    • ‘One suspects she'd be happier with a more hot-blooded lover, but where could she find one?’
    • ‘Duncan becomes the hot-blooded lover for a change.’
    • ‘But the hot-blooded lover would rather spend the evening with one of his numerous paramours.’
    • ‘There have been several hot-blooded clashes between Leeds and Arsenal over recent seasons, with Alan Smith central to many of them.’
    • ‘I think it's a secret fantasy of a lot of hot-blooded guys out there.’
    • ‘The study, the most comprehensive into the love lives of men and women aged between 40 and 80, found that the hot-blooded Brazilians and much of continental Europe still top the world love league.’
    • ‘But in reality, there was only one story that any hot-blooded student really seemed to care about this term, and that was the closing of the Bomber and Fed Hall in late January.’
    • ‘‘The people here are hot-blooded, they express their feelings directly and I'm happy with that,’ he said.’
    • ‘A calendar that will go in many a hot-blooded male's Christmas stocking this year features 18 women from Gardiner Security's head office in Rochdale.’
    • ‘We are more likely even than the hot-blooded Italians or romantic French to break up someone else's relationship by poaching their lover, claims an international study.’
    • ‘I want my politics vibrant, hot-blooded, and contentious.’
    • ‘Angelina evidently has all the attributes hot-blooded males around the world seek in a woman too; so Darwinism was always going to be present in that delivery room.’
    • ‘This production of Bizet's hot-blooded opera is to be sung in French with English surtitles and features a new set by Felix Bessonov based on the city of Seville.’
    • ‘Beckham was initially fortunate to escape a booking for a high challenge on Thatcher, but he has still not managed to restrain his hot-blooded temperament.’
    • ‘Despite caricatures about hot-blooded Latins and stiff-lipped Brits, we are, when it comes to emotions, all too human under the skin.’
    • ‘Healthy, fit, tanned, good with their hands - a hot-blooded Viking could come across and pluck me from the office any day.’
    • ‘His hot-blooded style inspired fierce loyalty in his friends, and also earned him not a few enemies.’
    • ‘According to the curator of the project, combining these images with Latino rhythms makes for a hot-blooded mix.’
    passionate, impassioned, amorous, amatory, sensual, sexy, ardent
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/ˈhätˈblədəd/ /ˈhɑtˈblədəd/