Definition of hot chocolate in English:

hot chocolate

(also hot cocoa)

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  • A hot drink made with milk or water and chocolate or powdered chocolate.

    ‘we sat in front of the fire and sipped hot chocolate’
    • ‘she had a latte and I had a hot chocolate’
    • ‘You swish down the slopes a few times, take respite somewhere near a log fire and drink hot chocolate.’
    • ‘We wander through the shops buying souvenirs and drinking hot chocolate.’
    • ‘A lot of people stayed in wearing their jammies and drinking hot chocolate all day.’
    • ‘We found a table by the window and cradled our drinks - hot chocolate for her, milky tea for me.’
    • ‘My family and I opened our presents and drank hot chocolate by the fireplace and I felt so happy.’
    • ‘She fixed him some hot chocolate, which he drank, and he seemed to feel better.’
    • ‘My dad and I sat drinking hot chocolate and chatting for a few hours before I decided to take a nap.’
    • ‘We drank hot chocolate in front of his fireplace and watched movies when it snowed too much to go outside.’
    • ‘Since the weather was so cold many people came in to drink a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate.’
    • ‘I warmed my milk with sprigs of fresh mint and let steep for a while, then used the minted milk to make hot chocolate.’
    • ‘Then, when the coffee and the hot chocolate were finished, we'd walk across campus back to my dorm.’
    • ‘You don't want a greasy kebab on a night out - you want proper paninis, amazing coffee and hot chocolate to die for.’
    • ‘If you're trying to keep a clear head, try the wonderful Italian coffee or creamy hot chocolate.’
    • ‘Breakfast consists of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and rolls with butter and jam.’
    • ‘The aroma of coffee, hot chocolate and cinnamon buns permeates the crisp air.’
    • ‘He had taken a warm bath and was having hot cocoa.’
    • ‘Laura and Hannah sat cross-legged on Laura's bed sipping hot cocoa.’
    • ‘The children have just come in from sledding, pink cheeked and noisy, ready for hot cocoa and dry clothes.’
    • ‘You want me to make you one of my famous hot chocolates?’
    • ‘So it was off to Bar Italia where I had a couple of their amazing thick hot chocolates (the best in the world).’
    • ‘There were several women all buying hot chocolates with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.’