Definition of hot diggity in English:

hot diggity


informal US
  • Used to express excitement or delight.

    • ‘hot diggity, I'm excited to get to use it!’
    • ‘I just won a hundred bucks— hot diggity dog!’
    • ‘ hot diggity damn, this thing does everything’
    • ‘Hot diggity! He really knows his Keynes buzzwords, doesn't he?’
    • ‘Don't you say to yourself at times like that: "Hot diggity dog! Life is good. Life is wonderful. It's great to be alive."’
    • ‘"Hot dog!" he cried, grinning, ecstatic. He leaned out over the sill. "You tell 'em, babies!" he shouted down. "Hot diggity dog!"’
    • ‘One imagines Perry Como would have said, "Hot diggity."’
    • ‘Hot diggity! This portrait of the con artist as a young man comes to ecstatic life.’


hot diggity

/ˌhät ˈdiɡədē/ /ˌhɑt ˈdɪɡədi/


Early 20th century alteration of hot dog.