Definition of hot mic in English:

hot mic


(also hot mike)
  • A microphone that is turned on, in particular one that amplifies or broadcasts a spoken remark that is intended to be private.

    • ‘she didn't realize that her snarky comments were being said into a hot mic’
    • ‘an embarrassing hot mic moment’
    • ‘He was fired after unleashing a string of swear words on a hot mic.’
    • ‘A hot mic caught him saying, "I hate this country."’
    • ‘During the news conference, there were a few reporters who were caught on a hot mic coordinating their "gotcha" questions.’
    • ‘Caught on candid camera, whispered into a hot mic or blurted out on the campaign trail, gaffes are what make a presidential race hum.’
    • ‘I later learned that, unknown to us, we had had a hot mike for about 45 minutes.’