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hot pepper

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  • Any of several varieties of pungent pepper used dried or chopped as a condiment.

    ‘Sliced onion, hot peppers, and chopped coriander are then added.’
    • ‘Abstract Capsaicin, the pungent ingredient of hot peppers, has long been used to identify nociceptors.’
    • ‘I also freeze zucchini (grated up for sweet bread), green peppers and hot peppers.’
    • ‘Chop hot pepper and place in small bowl and drizzle olive oil over.’
    • ‘A second later, her mother appeared at the other end of the kitchen from the pantry way, carrying some more hot peppers and onions for slicing and chopping.’
    • ‘Pungent taste dominates such foods as hot peppers and chilies.’
    • ‘These new varieties were created to fill the increasing demand for hot peppers for salsa and traditional culinary fare.’
    • ‘When I eat certain hot peppers like jalapenos or crushed red pepper, the top of my head starts to sweat.’
    • ‘To enhance this effect further, it is worth getting frisky with the cayenne pepper and spicing up meals with hot peppers and chillies.’
    • ‘The Greek salad combines rough chunks of tomato, cucumbers, red and green peppers, a triangle of feta and a hot pepper for a mild but refreshing result.’
    • ‘Add another blast of pepper on top (or garnish with hot pepper rings, jalapeño rings or lemon slices if you don't like spiciness).’
    • ‘And as hot pepper popularity is growing constantly, the varieties just keep expanding.’
    • ‘Stir in rice, tomatoes, corn, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and hot pepper sauce.’
    • ‘I used fresh basil, pungent chives, and a dash of hot pepper flakes in my master recipe.’
    • ‘Do not use really hot pepper, as my red hot pepper from the States would turn this chicken into a raging fire.’
    • ‘I was inspired by the photograph of Gingered Green Beans now in abundance, with chopped pickled ginger and bird's eye hot peppers.’
    • ‘There's also a freezer full of such frozen goods as okra, cut pigs' feet, snails, jute leaves, hot peppers, red snapper, and hard chicken.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's better to work with just hot sauce instead of hot peppers as it's easier to adjust the heat to taste.’
    • ‘The fiery local hot peppers may kill the local intestinal parasites before they start trying to kill you.’
    • ‘Squeeze a wedge of lime on top, and if you're brave, add a few of the painfully hot peppers served on the side.’