Definition of hot plate in English:

hot plate

Pronunciation /ˈhät ˌplāt/ /ˈhɑt ˌpleɪt/

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  • A flat heated surface (or a set of these), typically portable, used for cooking food or keeping it hot.

    ‘he scrubbed the oven and hot plate’
    • ‘The stunning yellow kitchen with its five ovens, flat and ridged hotplates, Aga, huge granite work surface and bewildering equipment is alien territory.’
    • ‘Sometimes items such as bacon, steak, or eggs are cooked on a metal hotplate, and are also said to be ‘griddled’.’
    • ‘The thin sections were floated in water on a glass slide and melted onto the slide surface using a hotplate.’
    • ‘A seaside council which stripped deckchairs, crockery, kettles and hotplates out of its chalets to save money is putting them in a museum ready for the day they become collector's items.’
    • ‘More than 10,000 individual tickets and passes were printed and numerous kettles and hotplates were placed in the Royal retiring rooms at Westminster Abbey.’
    • ‘Since there is no gas, his cook often has to make dinner using kerosene stoves and a hotplate on the kitchen floor.’
    • ‘The tortillas are cooked on a hotplate while the fillings are mainly grilled, making for a much healthier fast-food meal than the traditional burger/fries-based option.’
    • ‘My order, Indian Ocean Special Biryani, came in two dishes: a vegetable curry on the hotplate and the meat and saffron rice on the side.’
    • ‘Benson climbed up on to a hotplate in the kitchen and began shooting a unique set of pictures from this vantage point.’
    • ‘I haven't even sent away the starters when Dwain tries to bring the soufflés up to the hotplate.’
    • ‘They had a hotplate on their covered balcony for cooking and a little lean-to with a hole in the floor for a washroom.’
    • ‘We removed the doors and the hotplates and everything that would detach, soaked them in acids and then hosed them down.’
    • ‘He brought the food out one dish at a time and placed them on hotplates in the center of the table.’
    • ‘You would imagine someone like that would have some really sophisticated instrument, but she brought this thing that looked like a hotplate with a car aerial coming out of it.’
    • ‘‘Sit and eat, boy,’ Debra commanded, sitting a pan of hot soup on a hotplate in the middle of the table.’
    • ‘Accompanied by wife Ann the trip was a Christmas present - Peter asked to see the wash-up area, which he reckons can reveal far more about a restaurant than the hotplate.’
    • ‘I point at one of the ruddy-faced fish and, minutes later, it's thrown onto a hotplate.’
    • ‘You can now walk away and leave the sauce, as long as it isn't on the hotplate, while you go away and do other things.’
    • ‘The little hotplate was an added bonus, keeping the coffee good and hot without ever boiling it.’
    • ‘My personal favourite is Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions, which comes on a dramatic sizzling hotplate.’