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hot potato

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  • A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with.

    • ‘dog registration has become a political hot potato’
    • ‘The play deals with the hot potatoes of race, madness and power and dazzles with a story as funny as it is provocative.’
    • ‘The issue has been a hot potato on my radio show this week.’
    • ‘The issue has become a political hot potato for Bloomberg, who faces a tough battle for re-election next year.’
    • ‘New Environment Minister Martin Cullen has this as one of his first major hot potato issues to deal with.’
    • ‘Slavery reparation is one of the political hot potatoes being juggled by Western nations at the UN World Conference against Racism in South Africa.’
    • ‘But because of this lack of judgment it is still a political hot potato a week later and his image as a schemer who will do anything for self-advancement has been reinforced.’
    • ‘It is a political hot potato most party leaders do not wish to go near, but McLetchie wants a legal clampdown on ‘chancers who are trying to reap the public’.’
    • ‘The other parties use it as a political hot potato.’
    • ‘But it was on the political hot potato of Scottish broadcasting that Mr Davies dropped the biggest bombshell of the night.’
    • ‘If government decides that it's too much of a political hot potato to try to remove you from that land, that's their choice.’


hot potato

/ˌhät pəˈtādō/ /ˌhɑt pəˈteɪdoʊ/