Definition of hôtel de ville in English:

hôtel de ville

nounplural noun hôtels de ville/(h)ōˌtel də ˈvēl/ /(h)oʊˌtɛl də ˈvil/

  • (in France) a city hall or town hall.

    ‘These revolutionary forces played a key role in the liberation of Paris, and the National Resistance Council took up post in the hôtel de ville, the temple of all French revolutions, in order to receive General de Gaulle on 25 August.’
    • ‘The Hotel de Ville (City Hall) shouldn't be missed.’
    • ‘The Hotel de Ville is presumably that in Paris.’


hôtel de ville

/(h)ōˌtel də ˈvēl/ /(h)oʊˌtɛl də ˈvil/