Definition of hotheadedness in English:



See hotheaded

‘The epitome of Spanish hot-headedness, Lola is charming and irritating in equal parts.’
  • ‘And if it does refer to hot-headedness, is it any surprise that it was applied widely among the hot-headed Zealots?’
  • ‘Moreover, you need not think that hot-headedness or an unhappy childhood have given him some uncommon taste for violence; he acts as the interpreter of the situation, that's all.’
  • ‘We know he has moments of hot-headedness, and he hardly treats Oswald nicely, but he manages to preserve his congeniality.’
  • ‘With his hot-headedness of before now under control, and having stepped out from under the shadow of his big brother, he is maturing into a very good driver.’



/ˈhätˌhedədnəs/ /ˈhɑtˌhɛdədnəs/