Definition of house-hunting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhousˌhən(t)iNG/ /ˈhaʊsˌhən(t)ɪŋ/


See house-hunt

‘Finally, after perhaps several days of house-hunting, one of the sites gains overwhelming favour and the swarm moves off to start a new hive there.’
  • ‘Relief was short-lived, however, as the frantic house-hunting for a new place began.’
  • ‘The era of global house-hunting has truly arrived.’
  • ‘At the back of my mind are thoughts about our impending house-hunting and move.’
  • ‘After a few months of unsuccessful house-hunting - a stressful and time-consuming task on top of a hard week's work - buyers often begin to despair of ever finding anything like their dream home at a price they can afford.’
  • ‘We wish them good luck with the house-hunting - and with everything else!’