Definition of house cat in English:

house cat


  • 1A domestic cat, especially one kept as a household pet.

    ‘the most surprising thing they found is that the majority of the house cats weren't hunters’
    • ‘The southern French city of Marseille called off a three-week hunt for a black panther on Tuesday after the animal sighted by several residents turned out to be a large house cat.’
    • ‘On 19 June 1922 no puffins were breeding there, nor were any seen; the many predatory house cats that roamed there unchecked in 1922 were probably responsible.’
    • ‘The kestrel's diet consists of insects, birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and sometimes even house cats.’
    • ‘If it is true that big cats haven't lived wild in the U.K. for 2,000 years, then, judging from the results of a new survey, a lot of large house cats now roam the British countryside.’
    • ‘House cats in two new suburbs of Canberra, Australia, will need to stay within homes and fenced backyards, new city rules propose.’
    • ‘The house cat either came from European ancestors that remained in Asia or from North American cats that migrated from across the Bering land bridge, which spanned present-day Siberia and Alaska.’
    • ‘In areas like Savannas, where the Scrub-jays are in close proximity to suburban habitats, house cats are important predators of many bird species.’
    • ‘Every moving object poses a danger to drivers, from tumbleweeds to house cats crossing the road at night.’
    • ‘After reviewing an average of 37 hours of footage per cat, researchers found that 30% of the roaming house cats were successful in killing prey.’
    • ‘We found that house cats will kill a wide variety of animals, including: lizards, voles, chipmunks, birds, frogs, and small snakes.’
    1. 1.1A pet cat that is kept exclusively indoors.
      ‘it could be that Penelope is a house cat and isn't used to being outdoors’
      • ‘My cat "Wookie" survived life as a near-starving alley cat and wound up as a beloved house cat through an unlikely series of biographical accidents.’
      • ‘Whether a pet-therapy animal or just a pet, beloved bunnies often are kept indoors like a house cat, trained to use a litter box, and spayed or neutered according to their sex.’
      • ‘We tried to see if we could find a house cat for the family, that would not go out, but we couldn't guarantee it wouldn't escape.’
      • ‘This just underscores the fact that house cats are in grave danger when they're allowed outside the home.’
      • ‘All the other house cats have taken up their usual positions by the log-burner.’
      • ‘I'd like to thank the birds for giving me (and my house cats) such watching pleasure.’
      • ‘About three months ago the Gomez family's house cat escaped through an open door.’
      • ‘I should have made house cats out of them, even though they never had been when I rescued them.’