Definition of house church in English:

house church


  • An evangelical Christian congregation independent of traditional denominations and mainly or originally meeting in the private houses of its members.

    • ‘The aid group describes the churches as ‘independent house churches with thousands of believers who choose not to register their Christian activities with the Communist government.’’
    • ‘In striking contrast to the large and very visible Catholic churches, house churches and unmarked church buildings mask to the casual observer the true extent of the Protestant presence here.’
    • ‘Suddenly I ran into him at a conference in his new identity as pastor for an obscure little house church in San Francisco.’
    • ‘Whether we are part of a house church or a mega church, we are ultimately part of THE church.’
    • ‘As householders they played a special role, and were highly regarded, as ‘patronesses’ for secret house churches and for offering refuge for brothers and sisters on the run.’
    • ‘A number of house churches had websites, but not much information was accessible from them.’