Definition of house finch in English:

house finch

Pronunciation /houz finCH/ /haʊz fɪntʃ/


  • A red-breasted brown finch, now common from Canada to Mexico and sometimes regarded as a pest.

    Carpodacus mexicanus, family Fringillidae

    ‘The clotheslines are adjacent to our vegetable and flower gardens (not to mention attendant weeds!) which I noticed were alive with catbirds, song sparrows, robins, a purple finch, house finches and goldfinches.’
    • ‘The whole backyard gang composed of those mentioned above, plus house finches, chickadees, goldfinches, titmice, grackles, redwings, and blue jays start around 5 pm with their bedtime snacks.’
    • ‘By the way, I've been called to task for not mentioning that safflower seed is very popular with cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, doves, house finches, wrens, titmice and even bluebirds.’
    • ‘The thistle feeder is dominated by goldfinches, although an occasional house finch or song sparrow sneaks a snack.’
    • ‘I was interested in the article ‘Avian Quick-Change Artists’ because house finches are the most common finches at my parents' bird feeders.’
    • ‘Throughout the nineteenth and into the early twentieth century, house finches were popular cage birds in the United States (as they still are in parts of Mexico).’
    • ‘Choose annuals with abundant seeds, especially those in the sunflower family, to lure songbirds such as goldfinches and house finches.’
    • ‘The female purple finch has a prominent white eye stripe which the house finch lacks.’
    • ‘Goldfinches prefer thistle seed (also called niger), which also attracts house finches and pine siskins.’
    • ‘Moreover, testosterone elevation in male house finches increases investment in mate attraction, and at the same time, it decreases investment in parental care.’