Definition of house of ill fame in English:

house of ill fame


(also house of ill repute)
archaic, humorous
  • A brothel.

    ‘For its madam, it's a reputable house of ill repute, the seemingly incongruous respectable brothel.’
    • ‘Wandering down the stairs of the high-class restaurant you enter the darkened caverns of a former house of ill repute, pictures of working girls adorn the walls and the alcoves where they plied their trade remain untouched.’
    • ‘As immigrants streamed into the outskirts of Buenos Aires during the 1880s, many came toward the houses of ill repute.’
    • ‘She worked in a… house of ill repute, owned by Mr. Dunning.’
    • ‘A house of ill repute once stood here, and the bedposts are intended to memorialize its occupants.’
    • ‘He walked up to a house of ill repute and knocked on the door.’
    • ‘Real estate barons demanded protection of their property in neighborhoods adjacent to the red-light district but also wanted to maintain revenue generated by renting out houses of ill repute.’
    • ‘A variety of buildings crowded the rim of the harbor, including shops filled with goods of faraway lands, warehouses filled with cargo destined across the sea, pubs, and houses of ill repute.’
    • ‘Churches and an opera house pushed aside houses of ill repute.’
    • ‘It is a town rife with corruption, from city hall on down, and teeming with houses of ill repute.’
    bordello, house of ill repute, house of prostitution


house of ill fame

/houz əv/ /haʊz əv/ /ə il fām/ /ə ɪl feɪm/