Definition of houseboy in English:



  • A boy or man employed to undertake domestic duties.

    • ‘I wouldn't mind getting a primer from some reputable person with experience running houseboys, or houseboys who are willing to share their experiences.’
    • ‘It has five bedrooms and an infinity pool that spills into the lake, and comes with a resident chef, an assistant chef, two houseboys and a maid.’
    • ‘He was also born a slave, worked in mines and as a houseboy after Emancipation, and arrived at the new Hampton black college broke and dirty.’
    • ‘I'm not looking for a boyfriend or a houseboy, although maybe a houseboy would be rather nice.’
    • ‘When his parents lived in Zanzibar, one of their houseboys had accompanied Stanley on his expedition to find Dr Livingstone.’
    • ‘Often they work in the fields and have to rely on houseboys, who have easy access to vulnerable children left on their own.’
    • ‘In Libya, people put ice in their drinks, had houseboys and conducted affairs.’
    • ‘I was a houseboy at the Empress Hotel when I was growing up in Victoria.’
    • ‘The houseboy brings in raspberry leaf tea, and we talk about everything from sex to finances to communication.’
    • ‘There have been too many innuendo-laced revelations about his remote marriage, and a home in Sri Lanka, managed by a houseboy.’
    • ‘And remember Ben, if you can't find a place straight away, you can always come live with me and become my houseboy.’
    • ‘I knew he had tried a Filipino houseboy a few months before, but the fellow hadn't lasted a week.’
    • ‘Some worked in various unskilled restaurant jobs or as houseboys.’
    • ‘He said that the nine rebel ministers would not be missed and compared them to houseboys living in their master's house and abusing his property.’
    • ‘Our small boy had already gone, presumably to join the revels and no doubt collecting other houseboys on their way down.’
    • ‘He and two of his houseboys soon materialized carrying fresh fruit, bread and yogurt.’
    • ‘There he worked as a child laborer in a salt-processing operation and in a coal mine, escaping that work eventually to become a houseboy for his employer's wife, who encouraged his educational aspirations.’
    • ‘We ate in courses, brought in by his houseboy, an old man with crooked, spindly legs attached to big bare feet like boats.’
    • ‘We had a big house, and we had a cook, a houseboy and a gardener.’
    attendant, retainer