Definition of housecleaning in English:



mass noun
  • 1North American The action or process of cleaning the inside of house or flat.

    ‘I take care of the housecleaning, cooking, and laundry’
    • ‘Company executives also discovered that the machine appealed to consumers who were serious about housecleaning.’
    • ‘One thing's for certain about modern-day housecleaning - everybody's got a different definition of clean.’
    • ‘And all sorts of activities qualify - as long as you keep moving for at least 10 minutes - including yard work, dog walking, and housecleaning.’
    • ‘The low-income occupants may be able to provide services for the senior occupants, such as baby-sitting, housecleaning, pet care, health care, or cooking.’
    • ‘I own and run a domestic housecleaning business and without my girls many families wouldn't be able to live the luxurious lifestyles that they do.’
    • ‘I am not always on top of my housecleaning, but even on my worst days, my place has never looked so disgusting!’
    • ‘Much of their work is domestic labor - caregiving, house cleaning, child care - an industry that, historically, is not only low-paid but also exploitative.’
    • ‘In the event, Gabriel got work with a road crew, digging up the streets of north London for cable companies; Andrea, again unable to persuade a bank to give her an interview, took up house- cleaning.’
    • ‘Housecleaning causes the most marital dust-ups as majority of couples admit they row over chores at least once a week’
    • ‘People with two homes spend, on average, five times as much as those with one home on, among other things, lawn care, home security, pest control and housecleaning.’
    1. 1.1The process of removing unwanted or superfluous elements.
      ‘the new owner's housecleaning cost a lot of people their jobs’
      • ‘Part of the new optimism is due to corporate housecleaning.’
      • ‘Most new bosses do a little housecleaning.’
      • ‘All told, the housecleaning represents one of the biggest management upheavals ever.’
      • ‘The combination could bring about a top-to-bottom housecleaning of the industry.’
      • ‘When he became artistic director of the Stuttgart Ballet, the company was not in particularly good shape and his first task was housecleaning.’
      • ‘Corporate America, of course, has already done a lot of housecleaning since the late '90s.’
      • ‘The company described the news as a "corporate housecleaning exercise".’
      • ‘The house cleaning under the new chief executive could see up to 2,000 jobs go.’
      • ‘The mayor's dismissal of this sixty-five-year-old bureaucrat marked the end of the housecleaning at City Hall.’
      • ‘North America's most infamous precinct had just undergone a housecleaning aimed at rooting out corruption.’