Definition of householder in English:



  • A person who owns or rents a house; the head of a household.

    • ‘Residents and householders are asked to report all suspicious activity noticed.’
    • ‘Then of course there was the article on the difficulties that householders have protecting their property.’
    • ‘Police are again urging householders to secure their property after a theft from a house in Kirkwall.’
    • ‘Members of a household impliedly authorise the householder to represent them in such matters.’
    • ‘Each of the packs gives key advice and information to householders on how to protect their homes and property.’
    • ‘Wiltshire Fire Brigade is urging all householders to fit a smoke alarm in their property.’
    • ‘He added it was quite a detailed task and the onus was on the householder to ensure that they had the proper connections.’
    • ‘Just how far should a householder go in defending their property against burglars?’
    • ‘NEW rules have been introduced to encourage householders in Pendle to recycle more of their rubbish.’
    • ‘Rural householders now have a brown wheeled bin, a white bag for cardboard, a green box for cans and glass and a white bag for paper.’
    • ‘It will become an offence for householders to carry out most electrical work without getting council approval.’
    • ‘The blaze was caused by a tea light left burning, and officers have issued a seasonal warning to householders this week.’
    • ‘She acted, she said, after incidents in the Vale of York where householders were confronted by burglars.’
    • ‘The law may soon come to the aid of householders who claim their lives are blighted by neighbours' high hedges.’
    • ‘He appealed to all householders to continually check their security arrangements.’
    • ‘Water bosses are reassuring householders that the region's reservoirs are in tip-top shape.’
    • ‘This means householders themselves have to ensure that they do not create breeding spots.’
    • ‘The blue bins are used by householders to dispose of dry recyclable materials.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, householders on similar incomes pay wildly different amounts due to their postcode.’
    • ‘The murders of two householders attacked in their homes in London recently has compounded the climate of fear.’
    homeowner, owner, occupant, resident, head of the household
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