Definition of how-to-vote card in English:

how-to-vote card


  • (in the preferential voting system) a card issued to voters by a party or candidate indicating how supporters should mark their preferences on the ballot paper.

    ‘she stands outside the polling booth handing out how-to-vote cards’
    • ‘Voters tended to brush past supporters of the major parties refusing to take how-to-vote cards or screwing them up in disgust.’
    • ‘The objective would be to try to push through a referendum on four year terms with the crucial how-to-vote card backing of both major parties.’
    • ‘Party workers reported a record number of people who refused to take how-to-vote cards.’
    • ‘In the bigger missions such as in London or Dublin, party activists are planning to hand out how-to-vote cards.’
    • ‘But the parties do try to send out how-to-vote cards to the diplomatic missions.’
    • ‘The senator was among those seen handing out how-to-vote cards.’
    • ‘They volunteered to work on polling booths and distribute how-to-vote cards.’
    • ‘There are ways of dodging the How-To-Vote card mob.’
    • ‘In the marginal seat, members and supporters handed out their how-to-vote cards.’
    • ‘They risk arrest and six months imprisonment if they hand out how-to-vote cards on election day.’