Definition of how about in English:

how about


  • 1Used to make a suggestion or offer.

    ‘how about a drink?’
    • ‘If there are problems as this man states how about offering solutions instead of criticism?’
    • ‘There are bigger and better storage systems than you'll see here, and if you have them at work, how about offering me a job?’
    • ‘If they want to make racing more exciting and slow speeds then how about these suggestions.’
    • ‘We do need whiners but how about also suggesting a better way to deliver the winners?’
    • ‘And if pubic opinion says otherwise, how about treating us as such and giving us free TV licences and bus passes?’
    • ‘But before then how about a little chamber music - just sit back, relax and let the glorious sounds wash right over you.’
    • ‘But how about a focus on something else that human beings have, the heart?’
    • ‘Or how about a session with a chiropodist followed by a pedicure?’
    • ‘Everyone is always so busy these days, so how about having a chance to try a full range of skin care and make-up in the comfort of your own home.’
    • ‘Or how about sampling some of Danny Krivit's original rare disco edits?’
  • 2Used when asking for information or an opinion on something.

    ‘how about your company?’
    • ‘Even if it's too late for this Christmas, how about a New Year resolution to do at least 20 minutes' exercise three times a week.’
    • ‘Or how about editing and simplifying the entire physical universe?’
    • ‘If one set of masts may be safe, how about two or three?’
    • ‘So if we can't really judge from evidence, how about ideology?’
    • ‘And if media denizens bristle at that word, how about transparency and demystification?’
    • ‘And how about having tea with the artists you saw the night before onstage?’
    • ‘Or how about a risk-free investment scheme without any strings attached?’
    • ‘If high gas prices aren't enough to get you down, how about rising dairy prices?’
    • ‘Or how about if two pantry cars had blown up simultaneously when two trains were passing each other?’
    • ‘I have a couple of years to satisfy that goal, so how about something closer to home, and well, more exciting.’