Definition of howsoever in English:



formal, archaic with adjective or adverb
  • To whatever extent.

    ‘any quantity howsoever small’
    • ‘Whatever his self-view, howsoever wide his terrorist network, there is no substitute for territory.’
    • ‘It is the duty of the persons at the helm to ensure that no innocent person is punished, howsoever cumbersome the exercise of drawing a line between the ‘guilty ‘and ‘not-guilty‘.’
    • ‘Thus, it is necessary and imperative that everyone struggles to imbibe and express values of selflessness, compassion, truthfulness and generosity in his character in howsoever small degree it may be possible for him.’
    • ‘Continuous and equally divided attention with love and affection by the parents would help give us a crop of a newer generation that is more respectful and helpful to others, howsoever different they may be.’
    • ‘And howsoever busy she may be, she will never let go an opportunity to meet them as was evident from the public appearance she put in at a new fashion studio this afternoon.’
    • ‘‘We are making progress, howsoever slow it may be, but there is no conflict on the ground,’ Fernandes said.’
    • ‘For the truth, howsoever unpleasant it might be, these people will give their wealth, their honor, and even their lives.’
    • ‘He further said that even today education was a property of the rich whereas the poor boy, howsoever brilliant he may be was being deprived of it.’
    • ‘Her remembrance of Gandhi is that of a fond grandfather who used to take time out and play with all children in the family, howsoever busy he was.’
    • ‘The Indian nation, howsoever imperfect, was in the process of formation.’
    • ‘These are facts of history that possibly cannot be undone now, howsoever unpleasant they might be.’
    • ‘This conflict cannot be resolved by recourse to one's faith howsoever true it may be, for every faith or sect makes a basic folly of dividing the world into ‘us ‘and ‘they‘.’
    • ‘But, no philosophy, no education and no teaching, howsoever elevated and exalted, can inspire the people unless its preacher or teacher has a loving personality capable of commanding the affection and reverence of his followers.’
    • ‘But over the course of years everyone living in a seismic zone realises that the flexible building that shakes and shimmies through a tremor suffers less damage than the rigid one, howsoever strong it may be.’
    • ‘Her innate charm even at her age and her adeptness at being able to turn a situation, howsoever desperate, in her favour, catapult her from the degrading depths of poverty into a fairly comfortable Brahmin priestess.’
    • ‘It is seen with increasing clarity that values are not manufactured in factories, howsoever technologically perfect they might be.’
    • ‘Though she has just reached puberty, she is not overawed by a sage, howsoever famous he might be.’
    • ‘Human art howsoever perfect can never duplicate this feat.’


formal, archaic
  • In whatever way; regardless of how.

    ‘howsoever it came into being, it is good to look at’
    • ‘To the professor, the law is not an ass at all, nor can anyone, howsoever powerful, be allowed to make an ass of the law.’
    • ‘In my judgment, ‘termination’ means the ending of the term of the agreement, howsoever that comes about, and ‘conclusion’ has a different and a wider meaning.’
    • ‘But a notice in the form: ‘The Owner of the Bridge will not be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused due to the state of the Bridge’ will be regarded as an attempt to exclude liability.’
    • ‘All Employer / Client imposed changes howsoever caused shall be considered as a variation and reimbursed accordingly,.’
    • ‘This Clause prevails over all other clauses and sets out the entire liability of the parties to each other, howsoever arising and whether in contract, tort or otherwise.’
    • ‘Article 14 gave the council of the Law Society power to ‘appoint any person to be a director’ or to ‘remove any director from office, howsoever appointed’.’
    • ‘However, at least one country taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, no matter where they may be resident, and howsoever that income is derived - and that is the bastion of freedom, the United States of America.’
    • ‘Consequence is defined as the impossibility of the antecedent's being true without the consequent's also being true - truth itself being such that howsoever the proposition signifies things to be, so they are.’
    • ‘If it were so, it would result in the Town recovering all of its costs, howsoever incurred, following the substantial completion date - and it would receive, in addition, a further $260, 100.’
    • ‘In the circumstances we hereby hold you in default and shall claim against you all damages of whatsoever kind and howsoever arising resulting from your breach.’
    • ‘If the Place of Receipt is not named on the face hereof, the Carrier shall be under no liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to the Goods, howsoever occurring, if such loss or damage arises prior to loading onto the vessel.’
    • ‘The Contractor shall use constantly his best endeavours to prevent delay in the progress of the Works, howsoever caused, and to prevent the completion of the Works being delayed or further delayed beyond the Completion Date.’
    • ‘As with any disaster of this nature, howsoever caused, it must be seen and used as an opportunity.’
    • ‘Yes, it is a basic human right to be able to express ourselves howsoever we choose.’
    • ‘Howsoever you define fundamentalists and fanatics you find them operating in the name of every religion.’
    • ‘The same is likely to be true of ‘groups’ of individuals, howsoever constructed.’