Definition of huchen in English:



  • A large, slender, non-migratory fish of the salmon family that lives only in the Danube River system.

    Hucho hucho, family Salmonidae

    • ‘At the latest count, some 110,000 tonnes of fish, including the rare Danube sturgeon, the huchen, and 18 other protected species, have been killed.’
    • ‘Miraculously, my permit was renewed the following year and - I'm cutting the story short here - I caught three huchen - none of them giants, the best around 15 lb as far as I remember.’
    • ‘The purpose of the introduction of the huchen to Spain was angling for a valuable trophy game fish.’
    • ‘Many were good trips in a variety of ways, but as far as catching huchen went they fell far short.’
    • ‘The huchen weighs 25-30 kg, has silver-gray skin and black spots, and when breeding acquires a red tinge.’


Early 20th century from German.