Definition of huckaback in English:



  • A strong linen or cotton fabric with a rough surface, used for toweling.

    ‘People started to make rag or rough linen carpets in the plain cloth or huckaback techniques.’
    • ‘Linen huckaback is super absorbent yet lightweight fabric making the large bath towels perfect for travelling.’
    • ‘Again, the gas permeability value is specifically controllable by varying the modified huckaback construction.’
    • ‘A range of bath, hand, bidet and, shaving towels are also available in 100% linen huckaback weave fabric, as also are laundry and shoe bags.’
    • ‘Made of hard-wearing half-linen twist in huckaback weave.’
    • ‘The original test consisted of 29-36 huckaback type towels, each folded and stacked to a height of 10-11 inches.’



/ˈhəkəˌbak/ /ˈhəkəˌbæk/


Late 17th century of unknown origin.