Definition of human capital in English:

human capital


mass noun
  • The skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.

    • ‘An economy well endowed with human capital is likely to experience a high growth rate.’
    • ‘Fisher clearly understood how investment in human capital operated and the tax consequences for his proposal.’
    • ‘The use of female teachers reduced the cost of human capital development.’
    • ‘The human capital and experience built up by these firms will be vital to the future success of the country.’
    • ‘Another issue that impacts results far beyond the short term is investing in human capital.’
    • ‘But now it is investment in human capital that will provide economic stimulus.’
    • ‘None of the other three countries examined developed such a formal system of human capital investment.’
    • ‘Still, the new human capital initiatives can provide valuable insights.’
    • ‘Thus, corporate university training provides employees with a chance to increase their human capital assets.’
    • ‘First, human capital, or the skills of the population, increased dramatically.’
    • ‘Investment in education is seen as the key to improving human capital and building the capacity for future economic development.’
    • ‘Therefore, the reservation wage tends to increase for individuals with greater levels of human capital.’
    • ‘The group viewed as holding lower levels of these human capital measures will be screened out of the recruitment process.’
    • ‘It appears that human capital and expected wage differences overwhelm the impact of all other variables in the model.’
    • ‘The west has huge economic and social potential, along with excellent human capital and entrepreneurial resources.’
    • ‘The latter category of social services is in the form of an investment: the building of social and human capital.’
    • ‘Your decision chiefly depends on the returns to human capital versus the returns to alternative investments.’
    • ‘These are costly in terms of dollars, human capital, and technology.’
    • ‘After all, nothing has more lasting value than human capital.’