Definition of humane killer in English:

humane killer


  • An instrument for the painless slaughter of animals.

    • ‘Mr Milford said thousands of sheep had been killed at the mass slaughterhouse with the guns, which are also known as humane killers.’
    • ‘Encouraged by a resurgence of fur in the fashion industry the ‘humane killers’ are being allowed to kill 3 million seals over three years.’
    • ‘Spectators could clearly see almost every aspect of what followed, save for the application of the humane killer to the head of the dying colt.’
    • ‘With a lot of debate raised by animal activists about the cruelty of cooking lobsters alive in hot water until they die, a new humane killer has been launched in the UK.’
    • ‘Police fear that a vet's stolen humane killer may have fallen into the hands of a crime gang.’