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  • A humorous writer, performer, or artist.

    ‘the world's best humorists and cartoonists’
    • ‘‘Yes it has, hasn't it,’ says the Oxfordshire humorist, writer, entertainer, comedienne and broadcaster.’
    • ‘Eddie, the writer's father, was a humorist and legendary editor.’
    • ‘You'll meet authors and artists, mothers and fathers, cops and lawyers, gamers and hackers, cooks and waitresses, humorists and essayists.’
    • ‘Most contemporary newspaper humorists are sitting in his shadow, whether they realize it or not.’
    • ‘Like all the best writers on religion, Anna was a humorist.’
    • ‘This can be the combination of orator, humorist, speech writer, or playwright.’
    • ‘Comediennes, humorists, film stars and other famous women mouth off.’
    • ‘He wasn't funny, in the recognizable joke - telling way; he was a humorist, which someone once defined as a standup comic who's a nice fellow but doesn't make you laugh.’
    • ‘Since a comedian requires ingenuity, while a humorist can coast on a querulous attitude.’
    • ‘The humorist kept the balance of satire by laughing at his own follies and doings.’
    • ‘He is one of the most unique and well-known American writers of the twentieth century, known as both a humorist and a humanist, always reminding us with a reassuring irony not to give up on the human race.’
    • ‘This situation completely changed the rules of the game for humorists, at least in my case.’
    • ‘I go back to my original ambition of 1980: I wanted to be on the shelf with the classic 20th century American humorists.’
    • ‘Little children will leave this movie believing that stammerers and girls with glasses, buck teeth and amorous intentions are ideal subjects for humorists.’
    • ‘This German group so far consists of a few amateur humorists, and seems unlikely to grow larger.’
    • ‘Two of these books are by men with something of a reputation as humorists.’
    • ‘I am a gregarious person and have always been given to being a humorist, but I am also an observer.’
    • ‘But a humorist would choose a different answer.’
    • ‘A humorist probably doesn't ‘play’ much, but he's happy to be working.’
    • ‘But for a humorist, the wrong kind of seriousness can be fatal.’
    comic writer, writer of comedy, wit, wag
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/ˈhyo͞omərəst/ /ˈhjumərəst/