Definition of humorously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈ(h)yo͞omərəslē/ /ˈ(h)jumərəsli/

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  • In a way that causes amusement; comically.

    ‘the novel humorously depicts the feud between two firms’
    • ‘The vocals don't sound maniacal or out of control; they're just deftly witty and humorously exaggerated.’
    • ‘He commented humorously on his outfit.’
    • ‘The acting is quite naturalistic and the incidents between the affected and unaffected people are humorously portrayed.’
    • ‘The director humorously portrays the clash between traditional values and modern life.’
    • ‘You write about this humorously, but I think it would have been really hard growing up in a house like this.’
    • ‘It touches on a lot of issues humorously but never gets too intense.’
    • ‘The marketing and media frenzy surrounding the matter is astutely and humorously depicted.’
    • ‘She passionately and humorously discusses the idea of genius, success, and creativity.’
    • ‘She humorously exposes facets of rural life.’
    • ‘Her art consistently involves an interrupting of aesthetic, linguistic, or social conventions, which is sometimes done humorously.’