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adjectiveadjective hungrier, adjective hungriest

  • 1Feeling or displaying the need for food.

    ‘I was feeling ravenously hungry’
    • ‘children with hungry looks on their faces’
    • ‘At first glance, it seems outrageous that leaders would allow their people to go hungry rather than letting them eat GM food.’
    • ‘There are people in this world that go hungry because they don't have food and here we are, promoting the waste of it.’
    • ‘If you were short of a bit of food, your neighbours wouldn't see you go hungry.’
    • ‘People go hungry because they are poor and can't afford to buy food, not because of a global food shortage.’
    • ‘That child knew that no one in her country deserves to go hungry.’
    • ‘I know that without help, people in much worse circumstances than I will go hungry.’
    • ‘I've known people who would rather go hungry than dine on their own.’
    • ‘Aid workers trying to hand out food were mobbed by hungry people, some of whom haven't eaten in five days.’
    • ‘He can now recognise when he is hungry and cry for food.’
    • ‘Anyhow, this talk about food is getting me hungry.’
    • ‘This wasn't helped by me being tired and hungry, but too tired to do anything about the hunger.’
    • ‘Now she was hungry, but it wasn't the kind of hunger ordinary food could satisfy.’
    • ‘This shouldn't be a problem if you eat only when hungry and only enough to satisfy your hunger.’
    • ‘Once again, the organization reports seeing more and more people who are hungry or at risk for hunger.’
    • ‘Disturbances arose not so much when people were hungry as when they saw an opportunity to alleviate their hunger.’
    • ‘I wasn't hungry for more, but had to try one more breakfast item before heading out to work.’
    • ‘We found ourselves ravenously hungry after the day's hard traveling and setting up camp in the strong winds.’
    • ‘She pawed at my leg, telling me that her food bowl was empty and she was hungry.’
    • ‘Eventually she started to feel hungry, so I took her out to dinner at her favourite Indian restaurant around here.’
    • ‘The philosophy is that some smells will stop you from feeling hungry.’
    1. 1.1attributive Causing hunger.
      • ‘I always find art galleries hungry work’
    2. 1.2Having a strong desire or craving.
      ‘he was hungry for any kind of excitement’
      • ‘grasping, power-hungry individuals’
      • ‘The next decade looks to be one that could be characterised by equally greedy shareholders hungry for dividends.’
      • ‘Each hold I would attach my fingers to would satisfy my craving while still leaving me hungry for more.’
      • ‘I have a real desire for jewellery and am hungry for success in the long term.’
      • ‘Right from the start he was very up for it, keen to get on with the lads and hungry for success, and he has integrated really well.’
      • ‘The aim of this interview is to make me hungry for the job, demanding and keen.’
      • ‘They are hungry for knowledge about the art form, eager to meet the artists and find out who they are.’
      • ‘The world is consuming vast amounts of energy, and it's hungry for even more.’
      • ‘He can hardly enter a room or alight from a car without a press posse descending, hungry for a photo or off-the-cuff remark.’
      • ‘Politics attracts a certain type of guy: the narcissistic showman, hungry for attention and holding centre stage.’
      • ‘India was desperately hungry for international cricket in those days, but foreign teams were not keen to come here.’
      • ‘The queue for this exhibition coiled round the cathedral square - not tourists, but Milanese hungry for culture.’
      • ‘It may be a case of adults and school administrators hungry for control in an easy to achieve, visible way.’
      • ‘If you are hungry for knowledge and entertainment at a price that does not pinch your pocket, then be there at the exhibition.’
      • ‘She acts, she directs, she collects objets, she throws diva fits and she never disappoints a press hungry for diva behaviour.’
      • ‘All those on the leading edge, not just designers, become hungry for alternatives.’
      • ‘The Waterford team lifted their game and were hungry for another goal.’
      • ‘A few search engines, hungry for cash, accepted money from websites in exchange for placing the sites in search results.’
      • ‘The world is hungry for Scotland's contemporary art and our artists and institutions are brimming with confidence.’
      • ‘Now he was hungry for intellectual growth, and he wanted to write about his experiences.’
      • ‘Players seemingly were hungry for a game as there was a large turnout.’



/ˈhəNGɡrē/ /ˈhəŋɡri/


Old English hungrig, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch hongerig, German hungrig, also to hunger.