Definition of Huntington's chorea in English:

Huntington's chorea


  • A hereditary disease marked by degeneration of the brain cells and causing chorea and progressive dementia.

    ‘The progressive nature of Huntington's disease will eventually force patients to retire from employment.’
    • ‘Chorea is the most noticeable feature of Huntington's disease.’
    • ‘There is no cure for Huntington's disease and its progress cannot be reversed or slowed down.’
    • ‘Predictive genetic testing is currently used mainly for untreatable conditions, such as Huntington's disease, or prenatal detection of serious genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis.’
    • ‘Children of a person with Huntington's disease may choose to take a genetic test to see if they have inherited the disease.’


Huntington's chorea

/ˌhən(t)iNGtənz kəˈrēə/ /ˌhən(t)ɪŋtənz kəˈriə/


Late 19th century named after George Huntington (1851–1916), the American neurologist who first described it.