Definition of hurried in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhərēd/ /ˈhərid/

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  • Done in a hurry; rushed.

    ‘I ate a hurried breakfast’
    • ‘The sole sign of perturbation was in her hurried breathing.’
    • ‘A leisurely overland trip to Pusan took three weeks, hurried trips ten days.’
    • ‘Police say they wanted to clarify initial accounts which were based on hearsay, hurried details from dispatchers.’
    • ‘My sense of what occurred was a very hurried encounter.’
    • ‘The lateness of the season necessitated a hurried construction of a wintering post.’
    • ‘By this time, the manager was pushing a hurried path across the store.’
    • ‘The key witness made a hurried exposure.’
    • ‘I had to make a hurried trip to the airport.’
    • ‘She quickly stood, giving a hurried curtsey which only seemed to make him more uneasy.’
    • ‘According to later reports, a hurried meeting took place in the transport department that morning.’
    • ‘Beware of making hurried judgments or acting out of anxiety.’
    • ‘We mustn't allow a hurried attempt by the political establishment to cover up torture in our name.’
    • ‘Mr. Bennet looked down at the hurried missive from his wife, which had awaited his arrival at Gracechurch Street.’
    • ‘Mr Sparks had paid a hurried visit to her, saying he could only remain a short time.’
    • ‘However, his hurried snap-shot attempt failed to connect with the ball.’
    • ‘A hurried repair put the computer back on line.’
    • ‘Some very hurried adjustments of the stabilization strategy have been needed.’
    • ‘The hurried change of allegiance left us feeling abject.’
    • ‘In the hurried process of moving to a new command himself, Hibbard thinks he might have signed off on the award.’
    • ‘They captured many of the records that the Germans left behind in their hurried departure.’