Definition of hurtfully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəːtfʊli/ /ˈhəːtf(ə)li/


See hurtful

  • ‘And my father began to speak hurtfully, sarcastically to me.’
  • ‘Coun Campbell said: ‘I take it very hurtfully that I am operating only as a one-man or two-man parish council and that I am not acting in the best interests of the village.’’
  • ‘‘Fine, don't believe me, you'll all see’ Harrison said hurtfully.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, having been so hurtfully tossed aside many times previously had wreaked havoc with her self-confidence in the dating pool and Rachel just wished that whatever she did have with Todd wasn't irreparably damaged.’
  • ‘Let me know when you're willing to speak,’ she said hurtfully, standing up and getting ready to leave.’



/ˈhəːtfʊli/ /ˈhəːtf(ə)li/