Definition of hyaloid in English:



  • Glassy; transparent.

    • ‘The hyaloid artery lies in the hyaloid canal, or canal of Cloquet, and is a branch of the central artery of the retina, or one of its retinal distribution.’
    • ‘The wall of Cloquet's canal consists of multifenestrated sheaths, previously basal lamina of hyaloid artery.’
    • ‘Some floaters are remnants of the hyaloid artery, which usually disintegrates before birth.’
    • ‘The lips of the choroidal fissure, containing the hyaloid vessels, are fused or nearly so.’
    • ‘The hyaloid vasculature is a transient embryonic vascular bed which is complete at birth in mammals and regresses contemporaneously with the formation of the retinal vasculature.’
    smooth, mirror-like, glasslike, gleaming, shining, shiny, sheeny, glossy, polished


Mid 19th century from French hyaloïde, or via late Latin from Greek hualoeidēs ‘like glass’, from hualos ‘glass’.