Definition of hydrographical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhīdrəˈɡrafikəl/


See hydrography

‘Among these were offices, storehouses, docks, locomotives, maps, hydrographical studies, and 50 million cubic metres of excavation - almost as much as on the original Suez Canal.’
  • ‘He was one of the first 19th century sailors who tamed the seas through science, inventing systems for transporting cannon over marshy ground, ciphers for code and a system of hydrographical surveys.’
  • ‘Once a lake situated in a soft soil environment reaches a critical surface area, geographical and hydrographical processes will intensify the erosion of the shores.’
  • ‘The regeneration project manager said a hydrographical survey of the area using geophysical scanning would take place next month.’
  • ‘The coast survey is to furnish the requisite information of the hydrographical and topographical nature.’