Definition of hydrometeor in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhīdrōˈmēdēər/ /ˌhaɪdroʊˈmidiər/


  • An atmospheric phenomenon or entity involving water or water vapor, such as rain or a cloud.

    ‘The term hydrometeors is used primarily in this document, but the use of the term precipitation used here is tantamount to falling hydrometeors at any altitude.’
    • ‘We believe that there are 3 possible discharge processes that can occur at the surfaces of these hydrometeors and I will briefly explain these.’
    • ‘Some examples of hydrometeors are snow, fog, cloud or rain.’
    • ‘Falling raindrops and other hydrometeors have, in general, nonspherical shapes and mean canting angles that are due to aerodynamic and gravitational forces.’
    • ‘This publication discloses a method and apparatus for measuring hydrometeors.’