Definition of hydropathy in English:


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  • The treatment of illness through the use of water, either internally or through external means such as steam baths (not now a part of orthodox medicine).

    Compare with hydrotherapy

    ‘He turned to hydropathy, a Victorian medical fashion in which a patient is given cold showers, steam baths, and wrappings in wet sheets.’
    • ‘She was a single mother, and she was exploring all sorts of homeopathy, hydropathy, all those things that people did in those days to try to get well.’
    • ‘It jumped from a small local spa to a national one in the middle of the 19th cent. with the popularity of hydropathy.’



/hīˈdräpəTHē/ /haɪˈdrɑpəθi/


Mid 19th century from hydro-‘of water’, on the pattern of allopathy and homeopathy.