Definition of hydrostatic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the equilibrium of liquids and the pressure exerted by liquid at rest.

    ‘the hydrostatic pressure of the cell’
    • ‘This is best achieved by a constant hydrostatic pressure exerted by the fluid itself.’
    • ‘Plants used for measuring osmotic water flow were also employed to measure hydraulic conductivity of root systems in the presence of hydrostatic pressure gradients.’
    • ‘In operation, hydrostatic head pressure forces stormwater flow into the housing where primary separation of insoluble contaminants occurs.’
    • ‘Evidently, as the water slowly receded in the city, the museum's ground floor took on water from hydrostatic pressure through cracks in the concrete slab.’
    • ‘As hydrostatic pressure continues to increase, fluid begins to accumulate in the pleural space resulting in pleural effusions.’


Late 17th century probably from Greek hudrostatēs ‘hydrostatic balance’, from hudro- ‘water’ + statikos (see static).